Pidato Rida K Liamsi pada Korean-Asean Leterature Poets Festival, Desember 2010

ONE HOPE : Frienship

Budaya Kamis, 09 Desember 2010
ONE HOPE : Frienship

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We come from different countries in the Asean region. Coming to South Korea, to the event Korean-Asean Leterature Poets Festival, with one hope: Friendship

Friendship is a great theme for this event , because, today, in the world was changing so rapidly due by Technology of Information ,  we still see a number of conflict and injustice.Like or dislike, we still watch wars , political conflicts, economic oppression, violation of human rights, and poverty.

Amid such situation, we feel with clear awareness, that only Friendship  can solve it,  because, we belief with friendship we hope we can build a good relations among nations, among the people.Only with Friendship  we can  expect the dignity of humanity and only with Friendship we can communicate with each other, share information , solidarity, and relationship in an atmosphere of togetherness and equality. Friendship still become the most precious thing in our lives.Its  never ended value for  our   future , and we  should  always keep it .

Therefore, this forum, Korean-Asean Poets Leterature Festival , will become the important and meaningful moment , its more than the meeting of artist, poets and writers. This is a moment togetherness , the  moment where friendship is begin.

Thus, for this opportunitiny I would like to say grateful thanks to The Poet Society of Asia (TPSA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Frogein Affairs & Trade of South Korea to held this  forum. We hope this event can make us so closely and share our experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Is the poem can build friendship and togetherness?
Is the poem can build human solidarity?
Is the poem  can help us in world of peace?

In essence, our lives is beginning by a poem .Our  independent countries, also actually built by  a foundation of a poem.  The reality  make we sure, that Poem is a humanitarian effort through his mind to build a future of hope and expectation.Writing Poem meant writing a hope,to erased misfortune and build togetherness. Poetry is the inspiration of a spirit that drives the passion of our lives to achieve a more peaceful . Poetry is the intention of cultural action to understand the meaning of friendship and togetherness.

My country, is The Republic of Indonesia.We build our country with  pondation a   great poem, we named  "  Sumpah Pemuda ( Youth Pledge ) ".
Through  “ Sumpah Pemuda ( Youth Pledge ) ” , 82 years ago, we vowed : One nation, “Indonesia” , One mother land, Indonesia and One Language,  Bahasa Indonesia. And  until now,  the great poem ” Sumpah Pemuda “,  make us still  unify , protected us from sparated and the diffenciation. "Sumpah Pemuda" maintains our passion in one  friendship  amid plurality nation, language, and ethnicity.

And I believe in the another country  , there are great poem, that also  became the foundation to build and achieve a better life. I think, we still believe, that only poetry, which can penetrate the boundary differences in language, ideology, and culture.Only the poem was the one who can match our perception of the meaning of life, the meaning of friendship, the meaning of brotherhood and solidarity.

Ladies and Gentelment,

From the firstlife , word as  the heart of poetry and language as  aorta of literary , has put himself as a unifying force and exceptional peacemakers in our efforts to build lives of hope, peace and friendship among  the peoples.I would like to quote a note of Indonesia writes , Raja Ali Haji,  in his book "Bustanul Katibin":

“ Kata Pena akulah Raja di ini Dunia”
Banyak pekerjaan pedang dapat dilakukan dengan kata, tetapi tidak semua pekerjaan kata yang dapat dilakukan dengan pedang
Beratus ratus pedang telah terhunus dengan sepatah kata dapat tersarung”

“  The pen said ,  I’m a King of  the world. All the sword job can be done by the words, but not all the word job can be done  by the sword. Hundred sword have been drawn, with  one  word , all can be sheathed”

And now, to give meaning to this forum , let us learn from  the simple thing  of  Social Networking such as Facebook with the Facebooker and  Twitter with its twitt.

Now, millions of peoples and words , make interaction, become “ friend “, without knowing boundaries in political ideology, differences language and economic background.  Eventhough  in the virtual nature they  interact in exchanging experiences, sharing hope, share the wound and pain each other.  For a moment they forget about the suffering, war, and misfortunes of life.The Facebooker and twitter, now,  is writing poetry, making history, giving meaning to the humanity and friendship.

Now, in this forum,  can we do like that  to  day?   Can Us , through the poetry and this forum  create  a tradition to  be a part of the world to  struggle a peace with friendship?
Let us ask our shelf !

Ladies and gentelmen,
To finished my speech, On behalf of the Poets from Asean was coming to the forum, once against, I like to adress a greatfull thanks and deep apresiations to  the  Poet Society of Asia ( PSA ) and to the steering comitte of  Korea-Asean Poets Literature Festival ( KAPLF) , for invitations and all kindly we have received to come to wanderfull  South Korea.

Thank you